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“The Mission of F3 is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership”.

What is F3 Meyham?

We are a men’s Fitness, Fellowship and Faith(F3) group based in Mebane and Graham, NC.  We are a region of F3 Nation and follow F3’s Five Core Principles which are:

Free of Charge

Zero cost! Never a charge to workout, ever

Open to all Men

No matter the man, you are welcome here

Held Outdoors

Rain or Shine, Hot or Cold, we are out there

Peer Led

Led in a rotating fashion by the men who attend

Ends with COT

Always ends with a Circle of Trust

“Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you find him.”

We welcome men of all fitness levels and all physical abilities to our workouts. We have no requirement for membership other than you show up on time to the location and follow what the workout leader has planned. We will not leave any man behind!

We currently have 7 recurring workouts weekly.


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Fellowship & Faith

Our 2nd and 3rd Fs are just as important to our goal of growing with each other to become better High Impact Men (HIMS) within our community.

We look for opportunities for Fellowship with each outside of our workouts with both planned and spontaneous meetings.  It might be beers on a weeknight or seeing who is available for lunch or coffee.

F3 is open to men of all Faiths with respect given to each individual’s beliefs.  Your Faith can be to God or no God but we are all seeking something larger than ourselves, whether it is religion or community.  We have online group bible studies and aim to do quarterly community outreach projects.

F3 is open to all men!  Join us!

If you plan to join us at a workout, please fill out the information below so that we will have your emergency contact information if needed.  If this is your first time at a F3 workout, do not worry about your F3 name, you will be given one at the end.  You will be known as a “Friendly New Guy” or “FNG” until you are named.  Nicknames are given to keep things light and keep us humble.

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