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11/23/22 Kitty’s VQ backblast

14 PAX – Flutie, Roscoe, Madoff, Lasso, FlyRod, Chief, TrafficCone, Pusher, Fullback, Flatbed, Marvel, Stringer, Beard, YHC.

Warm-up lap around traffic circle.

15ish rounds of:
(3) pull-ups
(6) merkins
(9) squats
Each round followed by PAX choice of lap or jog in place.
Finish with another lap around.
PAX choice of ab exercise in rotating fashion.
One more lap around traffic circle for good measure.

COT – Prayers for all traveling this Thanksgiving holiday.

Chief took us out.

11/21 Mosey Monday Preblast

12 Pax came out for less than 70 degree weather.  Stringer, Retread, John Deere, Speedbump, Ponzi and Flutie moseyed.  Madoff, Flatbed, Manziel, :cat:, Fullback and YHC rucked.


Prayers for Tom getting a lung transplant, everyone affect by the Raleigh parade tragedy, Retread’s friend who lost their mother and his Uncle who lost his brother and is on borrowed time himself.  YHC took us out.

11/18/22 Friday Morning Lights Backblast

Flutie, Madoff, Nugent, Dabo, Marvel, Fullback, Stringer, Roscoe, Kitty and Manziel joined Flatbed (Q) for some Burpee Bucket fun this crisp fall morning….one member of the PAX farmer carried the 2 buckets while the rest of the PAX performed various and sundry exercises….upon relinquishing control of said buckets burpees were performed until the rest of the PAX moseyed the distance….Stringer took us out…..

11/16/22 Mtown Gitdown Backblast

9 PAX – Chief, Roscoe, Stringer, Kitty, Madoff, Flatbed, Flutie, and Marvel – joined Nugent (Q) for an AMRAP workout in the gloom. Each round consisted of:
(3) pull-ups
(5) burpees
(7) squats
(4) pull-ups
(5) burpees
(7) squats
(4) pull-ups
(6) burpees
(8) squats
And a run around the curb.

Our distinguished future Natan completed 5+ rounds and said he barely broke a sweat.

Finished with PAX choice abb workout and some stretching.

PAX were not able to figure out why the number sequencing for each round, but much fun was had anyway.

COT – Prayers for the UVA and Idaho communities, for F3 brother in Pittsburg, and local/national leaders. YHC took us out.